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Women in the army: female fighters in the world’s seven biggest armies

The role of women in a country’s army varies, with culture and wartime history having a strong influence. Historically, fighting roles for women were limited, but a full range of roles is opening up for female combatants. Priya Kantaria looks at the biggest armies in the world and the numbers of women in their ranks.

Deadliest weapons: the most powerful and destructive in the world

The atomic bomb is often thought of as the deadliest weapon, but there are a number of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) weapons that can have an equally, or even more, devastating effect.

Best British tanks: from Little Willie to Black Night

The British Army first used tanks in the First World War and they have played a vital role in every major land conflict since. Priya Kantaria takes a look at some of the most important tanks to have rolled across the battlefield.