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Berenice Baker

Global Defence Technology: Issue 55

In this issue: The joint European MALE drone project, energy tech for forward operating bases, Skynet’s strategic move to Asia Pacific, behaviour prediction software as a counterterrorism tool, contenders for the US Navy’s UCLASS programme and more

Global Defence Technology: Issue 50

In this issue: Simulation training steps up a gear, progress in micro UAVs, potential replacements for the UK’s Nimrod programme, Canada’s navy at the crossroads, the evolution of the LCS and more

Global Defence Technology: Issue 48

In this issue: the F-35C proves its worth in carrier trials, transforming deployable communications for the NATO Response Force, Raytheon’s ISR software brings big data processing to laptops, DARPA’s call for aircraft carriers in the sky and more.

Global Defence Technology: Issue 47

In this issue: Winning a war without boots on the ground, the US Army’s search for a lightweight armoured vehicle, a timeline of fusion power experiments, a new wave of mini weapons for tactical UAS, why today’s advanced naval ships can be run by ever smaller crews, and more.

Global Defence Technology: Issue 46

In this issue: The strategic thinking behind US-Vietnam reconciliation, boosting simulation technology with an open-source approach, the problem of regulating private militaries, the market potential of Textron AirLand’s Scorpion budget fighter, how the Triton UAS could transform maritime surveillance, Australia’s U-turn on domestic-built submarines and more.

Global Defence Technology: Issue 45

In this issue: Boosting European land defences against Russian tanks, innovative body armour from head to toe, the British Army’s contribution to the Bloodhound supersonic car, missile defence for commercial airliners, the benefits of quantity vs quality in modern naval fleets, and more

Global Defence Technology: Issue 44

In this issue: The Putin effect on land defence modernisation in Eastern Europe, the rise and fall of the Humvee, BAE’s new soldier power system, the first fully robotic remote weapon station for utility helicopters, the US Navy’s Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System takes off, and more

Global Defence Technology: Military vehicles special issue

In this special issue: The US Army’s troubled armoured vehicle programmes, virtual reality tools for military vehicle design, the benefits of hybrid electric engines, vintage tank restoration with Wargaming and more

Global Defence Technology: Issue 43

In this issue: The US military’s green energy research, advances in regenerative medicine for injured soldiers, the US Air Force’s vintage bomber upgrades, optionally manned capabilities for legacy systems, the BMD potential of the Type 45’s Sampson radar and more.

Global Defence Technology: Issue 42

In this issue: Russia’s threat to cut the US off from vital rocket engine supplies, Michelin’s new anti-landmine tyre, the best designs for military flying trucks, new criticism of the F-35’s stealth capabilities, the grand entrance of HMS Queen Elizabeth and more.