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Hannah Wright previously worked as an editorial assistant and reporter at Verdict Media. She is a graduate of Warwick University, UK, where she studied humanitarian engineering, and was president of The Climate Reality Project Campus Corp, helping advance the university's transition to net zero.

Hannah Wright


It’s DARPA’s Tern: new UAV software masters the roughest seas

DARPA is ready to move to a full scale demonstrator of TERN, a technology that will allow UAVs to take off and land from confined spaces in rough seas to achieve efficient long-duration flight. With phase 3 now awarded to a team from Northrop Grumman, Claire Apthorp caught up with the programme to find out what it could offer.

The war on bullying and violence in the armed forces

The issue of bullying, sexual violence and domestic violence in the armed forces has become an increasingly hot topic following a rise in reported incidents. Many nations are attempting to tackle the issue through education, using training programmes and strategies of violence prevention to reduce the numbers of people suffering abuse at the hands their peers or serving partners. But the road ahead is a challenging one, as Claire Apthorp finds out.

Sniffed out: New technologies to detect weapons of mass destruction

While methods to detect weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) have improved with advances in satellite technology, there is still no substitute for on-site inspections. This could be set to change with the advent of increasingly accurate technologies including antineutrino detection, which could pinpoint WMDs at distance using their energy signature. Claire Apthorp reports.