Indian Army Seeks Laser Weapons for Arjun Tanks

The Indian Army plans to equip its futuristic Arjun main battle tanks (FMBT) with high-powered laser-based weapons to intercept enemy rockets, aircraft and electro-optical sensors.

According to an army statement, high / medium-energy laser is expected to be a lethality option against rockets, air vehicles, light ground vehicles, antennas of armoured vehicles and electro-optical sensors.

Officials said the DRDO laboratories have already developed the technology, which is expected to be deployed on the Arjun mkII project following the completion of the defence ministry's recent order for an additional 124 Arjun main battle tanks.

The FMBT will also incorporate an identification friend or foe system to reduce the risk of firing at your own tanks, new stealth technologies in the form of paints and materials to avoid detection by enemy sensors as well as new communications systems.

The technologies will help the new FMBT to protect the crew from hard-kill weapons including the anti-tank guided missiles, missiles and artillery shells.

Currently, the Indian Army operates a fleet of over 3,000 tanks, the majority of which are Russian-origin T-72 and T-55s that will be replaced in the near future.