Plasan Delivers 25 SandCat Vehicles to Bulgaria

The Bulgarian Army has received 25 SandCat vehicles from Plasan in cooperation with Oshkosh Defense.

Plasan marketing and business development director Yaron Roded said the SandCat design was perfect for current peacekeeping and homeland security tasks, taking into account emerging threats while maintaining the required flexibility for off-road and on-road mission profiles.

The SandCat is a powerful family of 4t-6t, automatic vehicles equipped with a 6.4l, V8 turbo diesel engine with 350hp output capable of reaching a maximum speed of 130km/h.

Based on an upgraded commercial-off-the-shelf Ford F-Series 4×4 chassis and adapted by Oshkosh Defence for military use and equipped with Plasan advanced armour, the SandCat provides highest level of armoured protection for small platforms.

The design of the vehicle features state-of-the-art ergonomics, integration of advanced electronic systems, safety systems and blast mitigation systems that significantly protect drivers and passengers against all types of mines and explosives.