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TACO Antenna: SAT-MP-320 Portable Helical

TACO's high-gain UHF SATCOM antenna is designed for rapid deployment communications. The SAT-MP-320 covers the entire frequency band of...

TACO Antenna: Fixed Helical UHF SATCOM Antennas

TACO's circularly polarised, high-gain, fixed UHF SATCOM Antennas are designed to withstand the most severe of environmental conditions.

TACO Antenna: D8076 Arctic Antenna

The TACO Model D8076 Arctic Antenna is a vertically polarised, omni-directional, arctic grade antenna. This antenna is specifically...

Röder HTS Höcker : Emergency Relief Shelters

Röder HTS Höcker emergency relief shelters are devised specifically for use as rescue shelters for disaster control situations, where its...

Products and Services