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16 March 2018
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White Papers

Bulletproof Laminates and Protective Solutions
Allplast (Netherlands) is a specialist in the production of bulletproof laminates, solutions for personal protection and composites, as well as plastic processing.

Solutions in Air Conditioning
Since our foundation in 1997 until now, we are one of the most important companies dealing with installation, service and repairing of cooling units, heating and air conditioning.

Innovative Solutions For Extreme Environments
Since its formation in 1998, CMCA has built an enviable global reputation for the provision of high performance, reliable climate, power and shelter solutions capable of operating in the most extreme environments.

Cockerill 3000 Series: Effective Engagement
CMI Defence leads the market with high-impact, lightweight weapon systems.

AMZ-KUTNO Armoured and Special Utility Vehicles
AMZ-KUTNO presents an overview of their latest armoured and special utility vehicle range, featuring the Hipopotam, Zubr, TUR V and TUR V new version.

Press Releases

Cliontec FA3-800 Fresh Air Filtration Plant
The fresh air filtration plant Cliontec FA3-800, in combination with the passive cyclone pre-separator, is used to clean up the fresh air, which is lead into the cabin.

CMCA Secures Extended Support for Thales Tactical Air Control Centre
In 2014, Thales approached CMCA for the support and upgrade of the tactical air control centre deployable shelter systems. The scope included maintaining the mechanical integrity of the deployable shelters and upgrading the air conditioning systems, as well as the upgrade and maintenance of the three deployable standby generator systems.

FN Herstal to Attend EVTA 2018
FN Herstal and its US subsidiary FN America will be attending this year's EVTA exhibition in Paris, France, on 29 March.

UVision Strengthens Presence in South Korea and Signs FollowOn Agreement with FIRSTEC
The companies signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), by which FIRSTEC will supply HERO-30 systems for the local market.

Additional Buttstock Variant Available for FN SCAR®-SC Subcompact Carbine
FN Herstal proposes a short telescopic buttstock for its FN SCAR®-SC Subcompact Carbine.


Driverless vehicles in the military – will the potential be realised?
While the growing chorus of ‘take the man out of the machine’ has led to an explosion in aerial drone use over recent years and kept many pilots safely out of harm’s way, there have been far fewer moves to do the same for military drivers and land vehicles. The pendulum seems to now be swinging however, and Dr Gareth Evans investigates.

US Army researchers develop human-aided training algorithm for robots
Researchers at the US Army Research Laboratory (ARL) and the University of Texas at Austin (UT) have developed new techniques for robots or computer programs to learn tasks by interacting with a human instructor.

UV explosion: rapid evolution results in all shapes and sizes
The rapid rise and breakneck evolution of UAS has resulted in a huge diversity in shape and size. Claire Apthorp takes a look at the most interesting designs coming out of R&D labs around the world.

DARPA launches programme to improve military communication systems
DARPA is launching the Millimetre-Wave Digital Arrays (MIDAS) programme to develop the next generation of secure, user-friendly, platform-agnostic military communications.

Made to measure: the next generation of military 3D printing
No longer an expensive niche process for prototyping, 3D printing has joined traditional manufacturing methods as a go-to technique for producing military technology. Its importance was highlighted when funding for it was earmarked in the 2018 US military budget. Berenice Baker asks why the DoD is making this investment, and examines recent US military projects that could signpost the types of projects that could benefit.


Python Support Utility Vehicle
Python is a new support utility vehicle (SUT) developed by STREIT Group, a privately-owned armoured vehicles manufacturer.

BMP-2M Infantry Fighting Vehicle
The BMP-2M infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) is an upgraded version of the BMP-2 IFV.

Polaris MRZR-D2 Off-Road Vehicle
MRZR-D2 is the latest twin-seat turbo-diesel version in the series of MRZR off-road vehicles offered by Polaris Government & Defense, a part of Polaris Industries.

2S23 Nona-SVK 120mm Self-Propelled Gun System
2S23 Nona-SVK is a self-propelled gun system designed by Russian firm Perm Machine-Building Plant to protect infantry units against enemy forces in the battlefield.

PIRANHA V Armoured Wheeled Vehicles
The PIRANHA V 8×8 is the fifth-generation of the family of Piranha wheeled utility vehicles and was developed by General Dynamics, using private venture funding. It was initially designed specifically to meet the UK armed forces’ FRES requirements.

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