Noble Partner

The US, UK and Georgian forces have launched a 14-day bilateral training exercise, Noble Partner 16, to enhance Georgia’s self-defence capabilities.

Nearly 1,300 personnel from the US, UK and Georgian militaries are participating in the programme, which involves situational and field training, as well as a live-fire exercise.

Participating forces are members of US Army Europe, and Georgia’s State Army and Air National Guard.

The exercise will also feature M1A2 Abrams and T-72 tanks, Bradley and BMP-2 combat vehicles, M119 light towed howitzers and support vehicles.

The Air National Guard will supply three C-130 Hercules aircraft for the exercise.

"We are looking forward to truly demonstrating interoperability between our forces."

Exercise Noble Partner will train infantry Georgia has contributed to the NATO Response Force, according to Pentagon Press Operations director Jeff Davis.

The NATO Response Force is a technologically advanced, multinational force comprising land, air, maritime and special operation components.

Noble Partner 16 deputy exercise director Colonel Jeff Dickerson said: "As you saw today, we work together very well.

"This is an example of what we are going to do over the next two weeks at Noble Partner 16.

"We will accomplish a lot and we are looking forward to truly demonstrating interoperability between our forces and we are looking forward to continue to improve the readiness of our organisations."

Image: Noble Partner 16 kicked off with an opening ceremony, which included static displays of multinational soldiers and their equipment. Photo: courtesy of Sgt. Daniel Cole.