The US Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) has notified Congress of a potential foreign military sale (FMS) of ammunition and associated equipment to Saudi Arabia.

Under the estimated $500m sale, Saudi Arabia has requested for the supply of 1,000,000 430 / M430A1 40mm high explosive dual purpose (HEDP) cartridges, 60,000 M456A1 105mm high explosive anti-tank tracer (HEAT-T) cartridges, and 60,000 M107 155mm high explosive (HE) Projectiles.

Additional products include M62 7.62mm 4 Ball / 1 tracer linked cartridges, 0.50 cal linked cartridges, including four armour piercing incendiary (API) / 1 armour piercing incendiary tracer (API-T), M792 25mm high explosive incendiary tracer (HEI-T) cartridges, M789 30mm high explosive dual purpose (HEDP) cartridges, M889A2 81mm HE cartridges with M783 fuzes, 2.75 Inch rockets with M151 HE warhead and point-detonating fuzes.

The US would also supply 105mm HE M1 cartridges without fuzes, M557 point-detonating fuzes, M4A2 155mm propellant charges, M3A1 155mm propellant charges, M82 percussion primers, M1A2 Bangalore torpedoes, M18A / M18A1 Claymore mines, M67 fragmentation hand grenades, and guided precision aerial delivery system.

Approved by the US State Department, the package also includes spare and repair parts, lot validation, publications and technical documentation, and personnel training / training equipment, as well as other related elements of logistics and programme support.

The sale is expected to resupply the Royal Saudi Land Forces with the munitions it requires to continue to protect the country’s southern border from ongoing attacks by Houthi militia and Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula fighters.

The potential sale contributes to the foreign policy and national security objectives of the US by helping to enhance the security of its strategic partner, which serves as an important force for political stability and economic progress in the Middle East.

Airborne Systems North America will serve as the principal contractor for GPADS, while the remaining items would be procured from a combination of army stocks and new procurement.

The principal contractors for these items currently remain undisclosed.