The US Department of Defense (Dod) has launched a new agency to defeat the next-generation of improvised threats.

Built from the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO), the new Joint Improvised Threat-Defeat Agency (JIDA) will function as a combat support agency in the office of the Under Secretary of Defence for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics.

The agency will enable the Pentagon to counter improvised threats with tactical responsiveness, and allows for anticipatory acquisition in support of combatant commanders’ efforts to prepare for, and adapt to, battlefield surprise in support of counter-terrorism, counter-insurgency, and other related mission areas, including counter-improvised explosive devices.

" The department has given us an increased latitude to go after innovative networks. It takes a network to defeat a network."

JIDA vice-director army major general Julie Bentz said: "DoD broadened JIEDDO’s mission set to include the improvised threat.

"Our job was always to counter the improvised explosive device, and this new mission set asks us to look at the next IED.

"The department has given us an increased latitude to go after those innovative networks, because it takes a network to defeat a network."

The agency will work with the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Defense Logistics Agency, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and across all communities that are affected by an improvised threat.

In addition, JIDA’s network comprises coalition forces, partner nations, and other US agencies.

The team approach is said to bring the authorities and capabilities necessary to use each one’s strengths to counter an adversary who knows how to exploit the seams between the nation’s capabilities.

In particular, JIDA will help joint-force commanders identify and understand their improvised-threat risks and vulnerabilities, enabling rapid and early understanding of capability gaps, timely validation of requirements, and informed investments in counter-threat technologies and non-material solutions for the combatant command.

Support provided by JIDA is expected to enable DoD and operational commanders to take actions against threat networks by leveraging capabilities, authorities, resources, and access from both inside and outside the department, including the US Government, industry, academia, and international partners.