Cubic Global Defense (CGD) has secured a contract to deliver additional Engagement Skills Training (EST) 3000 virtual training systems to the US Army Reserve.

Under the $1.3m contract, the Cubic subsidiary will supply an undisclosed number of EST 3000 trainers, as well as simulated weapons and services.

The US Army Reserve is combining EST 3000 system and Virtual Battlespace 3 (VBS3) laptop trainers into a Mission Leader Trainer (MLT) containerised configuration, which will be used to support three core training functions, including EST 3000 for marksmanship, VBS3 laptop trainers, and tactical operations or leadership training.

Cubic Global Defense president Bill Toti said: "Cubic’s EST 3000 uses the ballistic accuracy of the EST 2000, which is the only marksmanship system certified by the US Army to be an accurate simulation of the live-fire ballistics of actual small arms weapons.

"The trainer is expected to provide the army reserve with enhanced fundamentals of firing capabilities."

"The smaller, versatile and portable capabilities of the EST 3000 not only maximise the available time, as it moves the system to the soldier, but also increases the training effectiveness to the point of need while reducing costs."

The trainer is expected to provide the army reserve with enhanced fundamentals of firing capabilities through immediate feedback from indicators, such as trigger pressure, pitch, cant, and 3D targets.

The trainer will enable soldiers to familiarise at army reserve centres before firing at a weapons range, which decreases costs and time on ranges, while increasing overall weapons qualification proficiency.

The EST 3000 is a high-fidelity weapons training system designed to teach soldiers marksmanship, offensive and defensive collective, and ‘shoot-don’t shoot’ judgmental firing skills in numerous environments.

The system leverages high-fidelity game engine graphics to add realism to marksmanship and collective scenarios, and also has an after action review feature to provide instant feedback on all modes, which permits commanders to evaluate the effectiveness of their unit.