The US Army Research, Development and Engineering Command (RDECOM) has deployed a team of active-duty, reserve soldiers, and civilian personnel to participate in the combat-training phase of Exercise Combined Resolve IV at Hohenfels Training Area, Germany.

Scheduled to run until 29 May, the two-week phase involves participation from more than 4,700 soldiers from 13 NATO ally and partner nations.

The Combined Resolve series of exercises incorporates the US Army’s Regionally Aligned Force with the European activity set, to train with European allies and partners.

The RDECOM team will observe training to assess the technology used by the different units and countries participating in the exercise.

RDECOM senior research officer lieutenant colonel James Nelson said: "Our mission here is to provide science and technology advisors to assist commanders and staffs, to help identify gaps that they have so we can insert technology to fulfil those gaps."

RDECOM Forward Command Element commander colonel Keith Hirschman said: "This exercise has a communication and situational awareness bend to it.

"Those are the types of problems we’re looking for, because that’s what the commands have been talking to us about for over a year.

"We circulate through the field, and talk and interview, trying to find problems soldiers may be having."

"Our mission here is to provide science and technology advisors to assist commanders and staffs,"

After coming across an issue that requires further research or development, a team sends a request for further information (RFI) back to RDECOM, which in-turn, forward the RFI tracking sheet to one of the seven laboratories.

The RDECOM team hopes to receive a response to each RFI before the conclusion of an exercise, so as to solve the problems identified by the training units.

REDCOM team advisor major Aaron Vandiver said: "Just like the Army operating concept, we’re trying to perceive the unknown; we’re trying to help the units that come here by giving them solutions with science and technology."

Exercise Combined Resolve IV is scheduled to continue until next month at the 7th Army Joint Multinational Training Command in Germany.

Image: US Army personnel set up a radio in the tactical operations centre during Exercise Combined Resolve IV at the Army’s Joint Multinational Training Command in Germany. Photo: courtesy of US Army.