The US Army Cyber Command is using new cyber attack techniques against ISIS in northern Iraq and Syria.

The army already has 30 cyber teams at full operational capability and 11 more teams at initial operating capability, with plans to have all teams ready by October 2018.

In addition to the army's 41 teams, the Department of Defense's cyber mission force has 133 more teams partaking in offensive and defensive virtual cyber operations.

US Army Cyber Command operations deputy commander brigadier general J.P. McGee said: "As we build these teams, we are … putting them right into the fight in contact in cyberspace.”

"As we build these teams, we are … putting them right into the fight in contact in cyberspace."

The teams are tasked with protecting networks, defending the US and its national interests against cyber-attacks, and providing cyber support to military operations.

The Army Cyber said that it intends to continue the cyber electromagnetic activities (CEMA) support to a Corps and Below pilot that is testing the concept of expeditionary CEMA cells within training brigades.

1st Infantry Division's 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team will map out cyber and electromagnetic terrain in a simulated battlefield in order to defeat the enemy, as part of a training being held at the National Training Center in Fort Irwin, California.

Cyber soldiers may also be appointed in the future to work alongside a battlefield commander inside a tactical operations centre.

Image: Soldiers with the 780th Military Intelligence Brigade conduct cyberspace operations during a training rotation. Photo: courtesy of US Army.