The US Army has successfully completed a live-fire demonstration of weapon systems at Red Cloud Range on Fort Benning, Georgia.

A M230-LF 30mm cannon was fired from a ground mobility vehicle prototype, while a Kongsberg turret integrated on a light armoured combat reconnaissance vehicle prototype fired an MK44 30mm cannon.

The demonstration was sponsored by the capabilities development and integration directorate mounted requirements division at the Maneuver Center of Excellence, as well as General Dynamics Land Systems and General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems.

Maneuver Center of Excellence commanding general major general Eric Wesley said: "We are in an interwar period here. The interwar period is critical because it is a time when you must leverage an opportunity to get ready for the next conflict.

"We need to be cooperating and collaborating with industry and that is what you see here today."

"If you don't leverage that opportunity you're throwing away a resource that has strategic implications."

"We need to be cooperating and collaborating with industry and that is what you see here today.”

Both the weapon systems belong to the Chain Gun family of externally powered, combat-reliable automatic weapons.

Suitable for use on ground vehicles and patrol boats, the 30mm M230LF features an anti-hangfire system, an extended-length barrel for enhanced muzzle velocity, and a delinking feeder that enables the use of linked ammunition.

The 30mm Mk44 Bushmaster automatic cannon can fire 30mm x 173mm, 30mm x 170mm Rarden & KCB, or 40mm Super Forty ammunition.

Image: The ground mobility vehicle prototype fires the M230-LF 30mm cannon. Photo: courtesy of Patrick A. Albright.