Military personnel from the US and South Korea have successfully conducted a live-fire exercise to train 'jump' crews at Topyong-Ri, South Korea.

The trials included firing M109A6 Paladin self-propelled howitzers that provide protection against nuclear, chemical and biological warfare.

Participating forces are members of Bravo Battery (Battery B), 1st Battalion, 82nd Field Artillery (1-82 FA) Regiment.

The three-day-long exercise was conducted to certify backup 'jump' crews for the battery's guns and fire direction centres.

1-82 FA commander lieutenant colonel Douglas Hayes said: "This week's exercise is yet another great example of (South Korean and US) cooperation and partnership.

"To execute a live fire on a (South Korean) training site, and to have key leaders from the Republic of Korea Army V Corps and 8th Division observing our tactics, techniques, and procedures to better understand how we fight shows a level of commitment seldom achieved."

"This week's exercise is yet another great example of (South Korean and US) cooperation and partnership."

The Republic of Korea Army V Corps Artillery's officers and non-commissioned officers also took part in the exercise by serving in an oversight capacity, double-checking firing data and crew drills.

The 1-82 FA worked with staff from the South Korean Army and members of the Pocheon Police Department to ensure the safety of the event and minimise disruption to the community.

More than 300 Korean police officers supported the event by setting up road blocks and providing vehicle escorts.

The 1-82 recently partnered with the Republic of Korea 26th Mechanized Infantry Division Artillery in artillery live fires, featuring artillery batteries from four separate Republic of Korea Army Field Artillery battalions.

Image: Soldiers fire a 155mm round from a battery of M109A6 Paladin self-propelled howitzers. Photo: courtesy of Capt. John DePinto.