Medical team

The UK Government has announced plans to provide additional non-lethal support to Ukraine.

Under the new plan, the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) will send advisory and short-term training teams that will provide medical, logistics, infantry and intelligence capacity building training to the Ukrainian soldiers from next month.

UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said: "In light of continued Russian-backed aggression, the UK is committed to providing additional non-lethal support to Ukraine to help them deal with the pressures they are facing.

"Today’s announcement builds upon the work that we have already undertaken through NATO and bilaterally.

"This will help the Ukrainian Armed Forces develop and maintain the capacity and resilience that they need."

The medical short-term training team will provide combat life support training and help Ukrainian personnel develop the capability to train their own personnel in due course. A small infantry short-term training team will identify the training requirements.

A logistics team will help soldiers understand the deficiencies within their logistics distribution system and provide training and support to improve their processes.

"This will help the Ukrainian Armed Forces develop and maintain the capacity and resilience that they need."

In addition, the intelligence capacity building element will provide tactical level analysis training to help soldiers analyse information and disseminate intelligence to better understand their surroundings.

The announcement comes days after the government committed £15m in emergency assistance, including food, blankets, emergency shelters and basic medical supplies to displaced Ukrainian citizens and those living in conflict areas.

Since the start of the Ukraine conflict last year, the UK has provided support on crisis management, anti-corruption, defence reform and strategic communications, and is also set to deliver procurement training in the near future.

The country has also supplied personal protective equipment, winter fuel, medical kits, winter clothing and sleeping bags.

Image: UK military personnel during medical training at an undisclosed location. Photo: Crown copyright.