UK Prime Minister Theresa May has said that a counter-terrorism training exercise will be conducted in Scotland and north of England, in an effort to strengthen the country's response to a terrorist attack.

The announcement comes a week after an attacker killed four people and injured several others in Westminster.

Scheduled to be conducted in October, the proposed exercise will test multi-agency response that would come into force in the event of a terror attack, May stated.

May said: “The UK Government considers national security across the whole of the UK as a top priority.

“Training operations such as this one play a significant part in making sure police forces and other response agencies are able to fully draw on the latest intelligence and resources from the UK’s security forces to protect against terrorism anywhere on our soil.

“The UK Government considers national security across the whole of the UK as a top priority."

“As the second largest force in the country, Police Scotland are a key player in our fight against terrorism. I’m grateful to them for the exceptional work they have been delivering so far to prepare for this very important counter-terrorism exercise.”

Police Scotland will lead the training, which will be conducted as part of the UK Government’s National Counter-Terrorism Exercise Programme.

As part of the training, partners from the police, the armed forces, UK Government departments and the devolved administrations will come together to test responses to a major terrorist attack.

The UK regularly conducts cross-agency counter-terrorism exercises ranging from low-capability testing to full-scale national operations.

Image: Police and media outside the Hagley Road premises that were raided on 22 March after Westminster terror attack. Photo: courtesy of Whizzyfingers.