The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has announced plans to maintain persistent troop deployments to the Baltic States and increase training for the Ukraine Armed Forces (UAF).

Said to be deployed in the Baltics and Poland on a regular basis to provide reassurance and training support, the company-sized units will build on existing deployments.

The deployment forms part of the US-German Transatlantic Capability Enhancement and Training (TACET) initiative, and is anticipated to build the capacity and capability of Britain’s regional allies, enhance interoperability with the UK Armed Forces, and reaffirm the UK’s commitment to NATO and collective security, while offering training opportunities and regional knowledge.

Speaking at the Nato Defence Ministerial in Brussels, Belgium, UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said: "We are committed to supporting the sovereignty of the democratic nations of Eastern Europe.

"We are already deploying RAF jets to the Baltics and providing crucial training to the Ukrainian armed forces.

"We are committed to supporting the sovereignty of the democratic nations of Eastern Europe."

"Now we will have a more regular drumbeat of troops deploying in the Baltics and Poland, and will step up our training effort in Ukraine."

The TACET initiative also enables Britain to coordinate its deployments with the US and Germany.

The UK is also uplifting troop contribution to Ukraine, in addition to increasing in the capacity to deliver training by a third.

Britain has already stepped up the training programme in Ukraine to include additional infantry, medical and survival skills, as well as increased the number of Ukrainian soldiers being trained.

To date, 19 UK teams have trained nearly 1,600 members of the UAF at eight training sites across the country, and the operation remains on course to train more than 2,000 UAF personnel by the end of this year.

The training and non-lethal assistance is being provided up on request of the Ukrainian Government to help boost the capability of their armed forces to defend themselves.