Facon system

The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has awarded a contract to BAE Systems to support and train military personnel in using the Falcon secure communications system.

Under the £6.4m contract, the company will work with Babcock to provide the training infrastructure, management, support, trainers, and training development staff for continued training development and delivery of the Falcon system for the next four and a half years.

Featuring options to expand and extend through this period, the contract follows the successful completion of an initial conversion training programme by the British Army and the Royal Air Force (RAF) personnel.

UK Defence School of Communications and Information Systems commandant colonel Matt Fensom said: "Falcon provides a vital role on the battlefield, it gives us a competitive advantage and goes a long way to satisfying the UK MoD’s vision for information superiority.

"We have welcomed the support that BAE Systems has provided in ensuring the transition of Falcon training to an established training programme has been as smooth as possible here within the Defence School of Communications Information Systems (DSCIS)."

"We look forward to continuing to provide the right kit and the right training."

Led by a team based at BAE’s site in Christchurch, UK, the team will continue to operate out of two established training facilities at Blandford, Dorset and RAF Leeming in North Yorkshire.

BAE Systems Falcon programme head Richard Checkley said: "We look forward to continuing to provide the right kit and the right training to ensure our Armed Forces have the most effective secure and deployable Comms systems that we can deliver."

Manufactured by BAE, Falcon is a ruggedised, secure, deployable broadband voice, data, and video communications system designed to provide vital defence information to the battlespace.

Claimed to be the primary secure operational level communications system for the UK Armed Forces, the system was accepted by the UK Army in 2012 and has been deployed on operations since 2014.

Image: Falcon system has been deployed on operations since 2014. Photo: courtesy of BAE Systems.