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Thales has been contracted to build a cyber-security training and testing facility for Defence Cyber Command (DCC), a department of the Dutch Ministry of Defence.

The Cyber Range facility will simulate realistic cyber-attacks and incidents, as well as protective measures on different defence systems, information technology environments and communication links.

Thales said that DCC must acquire and test new cyber-defence techniques early to improve the reliability and security of its systems, networks and digital infrastructure.

DCC commander Brigadier General Hans Folmer said: "The Cyber Range is an important step for the Defence Cyber Command (DCC). It is a facility at which many forms of cyber operations can be simulated.

"This is essential for training our staff and testing our systems.”

"This is essential for training our staff and testing our systems."

The contract also requires Thales to support the facility, which conducts small and large-scale exercises, over a period of three years.

The DCC develops cyber capabilities and conducts operations at its Defence Cyber Expertise Centre (DCEC).

Thales recently launched a study on cyber situational awareness, in collaboration with the DCC and Dutch research organisation TNO.

The study will help determine whether existing sensors, weapons and command (SEWACO) systems could be used securely in the future.

Image: The DCC and Thales will set up a cyber-security training and testing facility in the Netherlands. Photo: courtesy of Thales Group.