The US Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) has notified Congress of a potential foreign military sale (FMS) of various missiles and equipment to Taiwan.

Under the estimated $617m sale, Taiwan has requested 250 Block I-92F MANPAD Stinger missiles, 208 Javelin guided missiles, and 769 tube-launched TOW 2B RF missiles.

The package also includes integration of Taiwan Advanced Tactical Data Link System (TATDLS) beyond line-of-sight datalink capability on six Perry Class (PFG-2) and four Lafayette Class (PFG-3) ships.

Manufactured by Raytheon Missile Systems, the Stinger is a short-range, fire-and-forget missile system for use against a variety of low-flying unmanned aerial systems, cruise missiles, and rotary-wing or fixed-wing threats.

The sale is expected to modernise Taiwan’s armed forces and increase its defensive capability.

It will also help to improve the country’s national security by preserving political stability, military balance, and economic progress.

Raytheon Missile Systems and Lockheed Martin have been named as the principal contractors of the programme.