BMT Fleet Technology has received a contract to help Revision Military support the Canadian Armed Forces’ Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV) modernisation programme.

In June, Revision received a $20m contract from General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada (GDLS-C) to supply energy storage systems to power the on-board sensor suites of the LAV 6.0-Reconnaissance (Recce) vehicles.

Under the contract the BMT Group subsidiary will provide integrated logistics support (ILS) and specialist advice to Revision.

BMT Fleet Technology president Darcy Byrtus said: "Designing for logistical support is a critical aspect of the engineering and design of LAV upgrade.

"Successfully executed logistical support analysis can prevent costly changes, long out-of-service periods and shortfalls in mission performance.

"BMT’s extensive experience in the field of ILS programme design and training enables customers to optimise operational availability in the most cost effective manner."

Built around Revisions’ Nerv Centr SWatPack scalable battery system, the energy storage system can operate in a wide range of hot and cold temperatures, as well as climatic conditions beyond the objective eight-hours of Silent Watch powering time.

"Designing for logistical support is a critical aspect of the engineering and design of LAV upgrade."

The system is said to provide more silent watch time than 30 standard 6T format AGM batteries at less than half the weight.

In October 2011, GDLS-C received a C$1.06bn ($1.05bn) contract for the modernisation of 550 Canadian LAV III vehicles, with an option for an additional 8 0.

Designated as LAV 6.0, the upgraded vehicle would be fitted with a larger and more powerful engine and a completely new driveline, an optimised hull for comfort and survival of its occupants, as well as a wider turret featuring a new integrated fire control system.

Nearly 651 LAV IIIs are believed to be currently operational with the Canadian Army and are conducting missions in Afghanistan and other areas of operation, as primary mechanised infantry vehicles.

Image: A Canadian Army LAV III vehicle during Operation Lotus in Quebec, Canada. Photo: courtesy of Helene Samson.