Oshkosh Defense has received a contract to recapitalise the fleet of the US Army’s family of heavy tactical vehicles (FHTV).

The $780m, five-year contract covers the recapitalisation of an estimated 1,800 FHTVs, in addition to the production of nearly 1,000 trailers.

Specifically, the company will update the army’s fleet of heavy expanded mobility tactical trucks (HEMTT) and palletized load systems (PLS) to the latest model configuration and the same zero-mile, zero-hour condition as new production vehicles.

Oshkosh Defense senior vice-president of defence programmes John Bryant said: "As the OEM, we will recapitalise the US Army’s heavy vehicles to like-new condition in order to achieve the required levels of operational readiness.

"Because the heavy fleet is the logistics backbone for a spectrum of operations, Oshkosh has worked with the army to restore more than 12,000 heavy vehicles since 1995, providing soldiers with the latest safety features and improved reliability for in-theatre operations."

"Oshkosh has worked with the army to restore more than 12,000 heavy vehicles since 1995."

As part of the recapitalisation process, the company receives heavily-used vehicles, and are then stripped to the frame rails and completely rebuilt to like-new condition.

Fabricated on the same production line as new vehicles, the recapitalised vehicles undergo the same extensive performance tests and inspection procedures as new vehicles, and also receive the latest technology and safety upgrades and are delivered with a new bumper-to-bumper warranty.

Work performed under the contract is scheduled to be completed at the company’s facility in Wisconsin, US, with deliveries taking place from 2015 to 2019.

Available in multiple variants for a wide range of operation, the HEMTT has a 13t payload, and serves as the backbone of the army’s logistics fleet.

The HEMTT A4 is the latest configuration featuring enhancements in power, maintenance and safety to the battlefield, and resupplies fleet and enables troops to navigate wherever the mission demands.

The PLS is used as the army’s main distribution and resupply system to transport ammunition and other critical supplies needed in battle, and is specially designed to load and unload a range of flatrack or ISO compatible containers on its own.

Image: The HEMTT A4 brings improvements in power, maintenance and safety to the battlefield. Photo: ©2015 OSHKOSH DEFENSE, LLC.