A bombing at a soccer stadium in Istanbul, Turkey, has killed at least 38 people and injured 155 people.

Believed to have targeted police officers, two explosions occurred on Saturday after a football game at Besiktas Vodafone Arena.

Militant group Kurdistan Freedom Falcons (Tak) has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

“We remain firmly committed to working closely with Turkey within NATO and the counter-ISIL coalition."

At least 30 police officers, eight civilians and one unidentified person were killed after a car bomb hit a police vehicle, and a suicide bomber blew himself up, The New York Times reported.

TAK was quoted by BBC as saying that the twin attacks were in retaliation to ongoing violence in the south-eastern part of the country.

Turkey President Tayyip Erdogan was quoted by Reuters as saying: "What we must focus on is this terror burden. Our people should have no doubt we will continue our battle against terror until the end.”

Condemning the latest attacks, US Defence Secretary Ash Carter said: “This attack only redoubles our resolve to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our Turkish allies in condemning these attacks and relentlessly combatting terrorism.

“We remain firmly committed to working closely with Turkey within Nato and the counter-ISIL coalition, as well as bilaterally to combat such threats to security and stability.

Earlier in August, twin bomb blasts in south-east Turkey killed at least nine people and injured many others.

The attacks follow the Turkish Armed Forces' failed attempt to take control of the country by suspending the constitution.