110 First Look

iRobot‘s Defense & Security business unit has secured a series of contracts to supply robotic systems to undisclosed US and international customers.

Valued at a combined $7.2m, the contracts cover the delivery of new robots including the compact and expandable 110 First Look, the man-portable 310 SUGV, the multi-mission 510 PackBot and the heavy duty 710 Kobra systems. It also includes the supply of spare parts and associated equipment.

iRobot Defense & Security business unit senior vice-president and general manager Tom Frost said: "As threats persist globally, iRobot’s roster of defence and security clients continues to expand at home and abroad.

"Our customers’ missions are critical to making the world a safer place.

"We take pride in providing our customers with a whole family of robot solutions, from five-pound robots to 500lb robots. Our systems are reliable, field-proven and get the job done."

Weighing less than 5lb, the 110 FirstLook is a small robot that provides dismounted troops with rapid situational awareness by relaying videos from confined spaces, tunnels and other potentially dangerous locations.

"As threats persist globally, iRobot’s roster of defence and security clients continues to expand at home and abroad."

The robot is suited for a wide range of infantry and special operations missions, including building raids and other close-in scenarios.

The 310 SUGV is a rugged, man-portable system designed to conduct dismounted mobile operations, including surveillance / reconnaissance, bomb disposal, explosive ordnance disposal and route clearance missions in all weather conditions.

Weighing around 24lb, the 510 PackBot is a modular robot and assist soldiers and first responders in conducting bomb disposal and improvised explosives device neutralisation, as well as surveillance / reconnaissance missions from stand-off distances.

The 710 Kobra is a rugged, fast robot that supports or carries multiple and heavy payloads, and can be deployed for explosive detection, check point / vehicle inspections, EOD) / bomb disposal and persistent observation.

Image: The 110 First Look robot provides immediate situational awareness and also performs persistent observation. Photo: © 2015 iRobot Corporation.