Security personnel from Iraq have completed their coalition training to combat ISIS militants in the country.

The US Department of Defense stated that nearly 5,000 Iraqi security forces were trained at Taji, Besmaya, Erbil and Al Asad Air Base.

Iraqi soldiers were trained in infantry-based tactics, techniques and procedures at Task Group Taji IV, one of four Combined Joint Forces Land Component Command-led training locations in Iraq, by soldiers from Australian and New Zealand Defense Force over the past month.

Australian task group commander colonel Richard Vagg said: "The police trainees are determined to defend their country against ISIS.

“They’re young and determined, many of them come from Mosul where they’ve lost family members to ISIS’s campaign of terror.”

"The police trainees are determined to defend their country against ISIS."

Armed forces from Denmark, Latvia, Estonia, the US and the UK trained 300 more Iraqi soldiers in patrol and clearing techniques at Al Asad Air Base.

In addition, Nineveh police forces training was led by Spanish coalition members in Besmaya.

Nineveh police will be essential to provide immediate support and security as the Iraqi security forces prepare to begin the next phase of their operation to liberate Mosul.

The Iraqi Government launched the operation to liberate Mosul from ISIS last October, with the support of the Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve multinational coalition.

Image: An Iraqi soldier assigned to the 76th Iraqi Army Brigade fires a sniper rifle during a live-fire training exercise at Camp Taji, Iraq. Photo: courtesy of US Army photo by Cpl. Craig Jensen.