Indian and Chinese soldiers have successfully concluded the sixth rotation of the Hand-in-Hand 2016 joint training exercise, which took place at the Aundh Military Camp in Pune, India.

The 13-day event concluded with a validation exercise by the Indian Army and the Peoples’ Liberation Army of China.

The exercise was conducted to enhance the armies' knowledge of each other’s strategies in a counter-terrorism environment.

During the event, personnel from both countries were trained to cross obstacles, use a variety of weapons, neutralise improvised explosive devices, and perform cordon and search operations.

"Personnel from both countries were trained to cross obstacles, use a variety of weapons, neutralise improvised explosive devices, and perform cordon and search operations."

Both armies displayed a range of weapons, including assault rifles, grenade launchers and related equipment.

Soldiers also conducted joint tactical operations controlled by a joint command post.

Participants included soldiers and staff from 13 Group Army, Chengdu Military Region.

The exercise demonstrated the two armies' ability to collaborate to eradicate terrorism, the Indian Ministry of Defence said in a statement.

It was conducted as the two armies may be called upon to engage terrorists under the UN mandate.