APN-209 altimeter

Honeywell Aerospace has received a contract to continue supplying its combat-proven radar altimeters for the US Army’s full fleet of helicopter platforms.

Under the terms of $41m contract, the company will supply its APN-209 radar altimeter, which serves as a critical piece of safety and awareness equipment and work well in a helicopter’s operating environment, specifically in the hover phase and low-level flight.

Honeywell Aerospace Defence and Space president Carey Smith said: "Honeywell has delivered more than 150,000 radar altimeters to defence and commercial customers around the world.

"Since 1975, Honeywell’s radar altimeters have helped keep army helicopters safe in multiple theatres of combat, and dramatically increased performance across missions and in all types of weather and conditions."

"Honeywell has delivered more than 150,000 radar altimeters to defence and commercial customers around the world."

Claimed to be one of smallest, lightest and most proven altimeters in the market, the APN-209 provides the pilot and flight control computer with an indication of height above the nearest terrain point below the aircraft, such as a tower or building.

The information provided by the lightweight and compact altimeter is said to ensure that the pilot and crew have the most accurate information about the landscape around their helicopter.

Capable of being integrated with an altitude indicator and mounted in the helicopter cockpit, the radar altimeter also includes advanced features such as low-probability of detection, intercept and exploitation.

The features are expected to help army helicopters evade attempts to obtain the location of the platform through the altimeter, increasing the likelihood of remaining undetected during surveillance or tactical missions.

Additional contract details, including the number of units ordered and their delivery schedule, remains undisclosed.

Image: The APN-209 radar altimeter is designed to improve situational awareness and keep helicopter fleet safe. Photo: © 2015 Honeywell International Inc.