Harris has secured a contract to provide systems engineering and programme management services to the US Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA).

Under the terms of $450m single-award, indefinite-delivery indefinite-quantity contract, which has a one-year base and nine one-year options, the company will provide support services for the agency’s crisis management system (CMS).

In particular, the company will continue to provide 24/7 on-call, on-site corrective maintenance for all related hardware and software components.

Meanwhile, engineering support will include design, development, integration, testing, installation, training, as well as documentation for all enhancements to the CMS.

Harris IT services president Wayne Lucernoni said: "This programme is a critical part of our national security infrastructure.

"Technology plays a vital role in helping leaders make sound decisions and we are committed to giving them the best technology."

"Technology plays a vital role in helping leaders make sound decisions and we are committed to giving them the best technology possible, whenever they need it."

Since 2004, the company has supported the CMS, which provides government officials with video and voice communications, powered by a secure, high-performance network, enabling them to exchange high-interest, time-sensitive information for critical decision making during emergency situations.

Specifically, the system offers high-tech video teleconferencing, secure IT and voice-over-internet-protocol networks, C4ISR & Networks reported citing the US Department of Defense’s documents.

Maintained by DISA under National Security Council direction and a national security decision directive, the system is owned and operated by the national security staff, and supports the US President, vice-president, US cabinet members, and the joint chiefs, among other officials.

Capable of providing multi-party calls between fixed and mobile sites for operations, the system can be equipped in the Air Force One planes and Marine One helicopters, as reported by FCW.