Airbus Defence and Space has agreed a deal to supply electronic jamming systems to the German Armed Forces.

The contract has been awarded by the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support.

Airbus will supply 36 of its vehicle protection jammers-R6 (VPJ-R6) for integration on the German Armed Forces’ protected vehicles.

The VPJ-R is a next-generation, vehicle protection jamming device that is designed to augment the protection of armoured vehicles against attacks by radio-controlled improvised explosive devices, which remain one of the major threats in asymmetric warfare.

Using the company’s new SMART Responsive jamming technology, the device detects and classifies radio signals intended to ignite a roadside bomb, and transmit the signals tailored to the hostile frequency band in less than a millisecond, interrupting the connection.

"The VPJ-R is a next-generation, vehicle protection jamming device."

Driven by a new digital receiver and signal processing technologies, the system can detect and jam up to 750,000 million threat signals a second in all common frequency bands.

The quick reaction time prevents loss of output power inherent in legacy barrage jammers and concentrates the jamming power on the detonation signal’s specific frequency, instead of being distributed over the whole frequency range.

In addition, the VPJ-R reduces impact on friendly force radio communication, ensuring reliable command and control in the theatre.

Airbus has not disclosed the delivery schedule and the type of vehicles to be outfitted with the jammer.

Image: The VPJ-R6 jammers will be integrated on German protected vehicles. Photo: courtesy of Airbus Defence and Space..