Soldiers from The Finnish Army are set to take part in the mechanised exercise, Arrow 17, to be held in Pohjankangas, Niinisalo, Finland, from 2 to 13 May.

Exercise Arrow 17 is being conducted with an aim to enhance the interoperability and capability of mechanised units in offensive combat.

The 12-day-long exercise will witness participation from almost 2,200 personnel, including active-duty soldiers and conscripts from the Armoured Brigade, Pori Brigade, Karelia Brigade, Uusimaa Brigade, Jaeger Brigade and Utti Jaeger Regiment as well as the Army Academy.

Participating troops will take part in the exercise alongside around 130 armoured vehicles and 300 other vehicles.

Other participants will include a US Army Europe infantry company of nearly 125 soldiers equipped with armoured Stryker personnel carrier vehicles, as well as a Norwegian Brigade North mechanised platoon of approximately 50 soldiers using CV90 infantry fighting vehicles.

The live exercise phase, involving the Finnish Air Forces flying exercise fighter missions, will be followed by an artillery firing exercise, code-named Nuoli 17, led by the Pori Brigade in Niinisalo until 20 May.

Additionally, an instruction session on armour tactics, with participants from Sweden, Denmark, and Estonia, will be conducted as part of the exercise.

The Finnish Ministry of Defence has approved the annual exercise Arrow 17 as part of the Finnish Army’s International Exercise Activities for 2017.

The troops taking part in the exercise will be transported to Kankaanpää and Niinisalo in phases on 2 May.

The vehicles in the marching detachments will be operated with a speed ranging between 50kmph and 80kmph.