Exercise Pacific Endeavor 2016 has commenced in Brisbane, Australia, to improve communication interoperability and expedite humanitarian assistance and disaster relief response in the Indo-Asia Pacific region.

Sponsored by the US Pacific Command and hosted by the Australian Defense Force, the workshop involves participation from 250 military communication experts from more than 20 Pacific partner nations.

Participating nations include Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, Fiji, French Polynesia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Nepal, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Samoa, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tonga, the US and Vietnam.

The two-week-long exercise will keep participants ahead of ever-changing technological advances in case of an emergency, the US Department of Defense said in a statement.

"This year, we’re focusing on a new capability: internet protocol over radio frequency."

Multinational Communications Interoperability Program technical director Scott Griffin said: “This year, we’re focusing on a new capability: internet protocol over radio frequency.

“That will give everyone, regardless of the type of radio you’re using, the ability to tie into a backside network and link into the internet.”

During the event, participants will validate existing radio, cyber and satellite technologies.

Participating forces will also field an innovative communication transmission skill, using two simulated forward operating bases.

Using internet protocol over radio frequency (RF), responders on the ground will be able to transfer information over much longer distances than traditional methods.

Image: The Pacific Endeavor workshop involves 250 participants from 22 allied and partner nations. Photo: courtesy of US Department of Defense photo by MSgt Todd Kabalan.