DRS Technologies has received a contract to supply a new integrated night-vision and thermal targeting system to the US Army.

Valued at up to $367m, the indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity contract requires the Finmeccanica Company to deliver its next-generation technology, which integrates advanced, fused night-vision goggles and thermal weapon sight technology to improve mission effectiveness.

Involving the Enhanced Night Vision Goggle III and Family of Weapon Sight (Individual) programmes, the new system is expected to boost lethality, mobility, survivability, and situational awareness for dismounted troops in degraded lighting and weather conditions.

DRS Technologies Infrared Sensors and Systems vice-president and general manager Shawn Black said: "DRS has a long history of providing the US military with leading thermal weapon sight and night-vision technology and we look forward to providing this important future capability to ensure our warfighters remain the best equipped in the world.

"These devices are a result of years of DRS-led innovation and development through US Army and DRS investment.

"The result is a device that affordably and significantly improves the ability of troops to see and engage targets more rapidly in degraded combat conditions."

"These devices are a result of years of DRS-led innovation and development through US Army and DRS investment."

The third-generation goggle is designed to enhance situational awareness to help change the way ground troops fight, using the imagery transmitted by the weapon-mounted thermal sight that is connected through a wireless system.

The move enables soldiers to stay protected, while raising their weapon over an obstacle or around a corner, without exposing themselves to enemy fire, to aim and fire their weapon.

According to the company, the technology allows troops to acquire and engage more rapidly.

DRS has not disclosed when it will start supplying the systems to the US Army.