Cubic Global Defense (CGD) has secured a contract to supply additional instrumentable-multiple integrated laser engagement system individual weapon systems (I-MILES IWS) to the US Army.

The $20m contract was awarded by the army’s Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (PEO STRI), which is headquartered in Orlando, Florida, US.

Cubic Global Defense president Bill Toti said: "No one really knows what the future of war fighting will look like, therefore there’s a need to have a balanced and full range of capabilities to better prepare our soldiers for any condition and environment.

"With our adaptive training equipment, soldiers can make better use of training time by spending less on setup and calibration, and more on tactics to ensure that they are receiving the most realistic experience before being placed in an actual war environment."

I-MILES IWS system is claimed to be integral to the quality of home-station training due to its ability to offer improvements to realism during training.

"With our adaptive training equipment, soldiers can make better use of training time."

The system uses laser emitters that attach to military weapons and on-body sensors to replicate combat scenarios and record data for after-action reviews.

Featuring six fielded, distinct, weapon-firing systems, it uses eye-safe lasers and microelectronics to realistically simulate the firing capabilities of rifles, machine guns and other direct-fire weapons.

Primarily used for force-on-force training from squad up to brigade level, the system requires less time to attach a small arms transmitter and align a weapon than its predecessors.

Additional contract details, including the number of units ordered and their delivery schedule, remain undisclosed.