Cubic has been awarded a contract modification to continue the supply of its multiple integrated laser engagement system individual weapon systems (MILES IWS) to the Romanian Army.

Under the terms of the $2.9m agreement, the company will supply MILES IWS equipment, spare parts and computer server and software updates.

The deliveries will refresh the Romanian Exercise Control Centre, which was originally delivered under a foreign military sale contract with the US Army in 2009.

"This contract reinforces Romania’s continued interest in our MILES IWS equipment."

Cubic Global Defense president Bill Toti said: "This contract reinforces Romania’s continued interest in our MILES IWS equipment.

"Our Romanian customer is very important to us and this award extends the work we have accomplished together to effectively advance the training experience.

"With Cubic’s technology, Romania is able to train with the US Army and our allies."

I-MILES IWS uses laser emitters that attach to military weapons and on-body sensors to replicate combat scenarios and record data for after-action reviews.

Featuring six, fielded distinct weapon firing systems, it uses eye-safe lasers and microelectronics to realistically simulate the firing capabilities of rifles, machine guns and other direct-fire weapons. It is used for force-on-force training from squad up to brigade level.

The system enables soldiers to spend more time on tactics and maintains alignment during an entire exercise, increasing their confidence in the tactics they perform during training, and requires less time to attach a small arms transmitter and align a weapon than its predecessors.

Additional contract details, including the number of units ordered and their delivery schedule, remain undisclosed.