The Canadian Government is set to provide a new training package to the Ukrainian Armed Forces later this year.

Approximately 30 Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel are currently stationed at the International Peacekeeping and Security Centre in Ukraine, to observe Ukrainian soldiers being trained.

Focused on tactical soldier training, the CAF training for Ukrainian soldiers includes explosive ordinance disposal and improvised explosive device disposal, military policing, medical treatment, flight safety, as well as logistics system modernisation.

Canadian Defence Minister Jason Kenney said: "Canada is fully engaged in supporting Ukraine in its efforts to maintain sovereignty, security, and stability in the face of the Putin regime’s unjustified aggression.

"We have demonstrated our commitment through our contribution to Ukraine’s efforts to strengthen its democracy and institutions, as well as the capacity building and training of Ukrainian government forces."

" Canada is fully engaged in supporting Ukraine in its efforts to maintain sovereignty, security, and stability."

In addition to the training package, Kenney also announced that Canada will supply more than $15m in additional support to democracy and institution building in Ukraine through the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Development.

In April, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that the country will deploy CAF soldiers to Ukraine to develop and deliver military training and capacity-building programmes for the Ukrainian Security Forces until March 2017.

Since the start of Ukrainian crisis in early 2014, Canada has donated non-lethal military supplies, including a range of targeted protection, medical, and logistical equipment, such as helmets, ballistic eyewear, protective vests, first aid kits, tents, and sleeping bags.

In addition, the country supplied military gear to expand the capabilities of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, including tactical communications systems, explosive ordinance disposal equipment, tactical medical kits, night visual goggles, and winterised kits.

Ukrainian forces are currently fighting pro-Russian rebels, who have declared independence in some eastern parts of the country.