Canadian soldiers

The Canadian Army has deployed 125 military personnel to Eastern Europe in support of the NATO assurance measures in eastern and central Europe.

Belonging to the Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment (3 RCR), the soldiers are expected to complement the advance party currently deployed under Operation Reassurance in the region.

A total of 100 soldiers from the same battalion had departed CFB Trenton, Ontario, for Eastern Europe to undertake similar missions in the region in September last year.

Specifically, the Land Task Force would participate in a series of multinational training activities that enable the army to showcase its capabilities and further demonstrate its leadership capacity.

"The Government of Canada remains firmly committed to building regional stability and security in Eastern Europe."

Operation Reassurance refers to the military activities carried out by the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel to support Nato assurance measures, in response to Russian aggression and provocation against Ukraine.

The soldiers provide military capabilities for training, exercises, demonstrations, and also undertake assigned Nato tasks, in an effort to promote security and stability in Central and Eastern Europe.

Canadian Defence Minister Jason Kenney said: "The Government of Canada remains firmly committed to building regional stability and security in Eastern Europe.

"Nato exercises, including Operation Reassurance, are designed to send a message to Russia that Canada, together with our Nato allies, stands with our eastern European friends against any intimidation or territorial aggression on the part of Vladimir Putin."

Canadian Associate Defence Minister Julian Fantino said: "Our government is steadfast in our rejection of any and all aggressive actions by the Putin Regime."

Canadian Army commander lieutenant-general Marquis Hainse said: "Exercises such as those supported through Operation Reassurance are an important way for Canadian Army soldiers to participate in multinational training with our allies, enhance their warfighting skills and increase interoperability with our international partners."

Underway since May last year, Operation Reassurance saw the Canadian troops conduct a series of training exercises with their Nato allies, including Exercise Steadfast Javelin Ii, Exercise Gniezno, Exercise Pegasus Korsarz, Exercise Sabre Strike and Exercise Orzel Alert.

Image: The Canadian Army soldiers departing for a training mission in Eastern Europe. Photo: courtesy of the Canadian Government.