The Canadian Government has agreed to provide up to $8.3m assistance to the Iraqi Government to combat security and political challenges posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

The funding will be used to build the capacity of Iraqi authorities in mine action, supply non-lethal military equipment to countries affected by ISIS to curb the flow of foreign fighters and secure their borders, counter chemical and biological threats, and improve the flow of humanitarian assistance.

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Rob Nicholson said: "Canada and our coalition partners are making a tangible difference in the fight against ISIS, while providing humanitarian aid to those who need it the most.

"Canada will also be there to respond to the needs of civilians affected by the conflict, including victims of sexual violence."

Canada has committed more than $130.6m in humanitarian and development assistance funding to respond to Iraq crisis, since January 2014, in addition to providing $15m to strengthen frontline security measures and $10m to address sexual violence and other related human rights abuses being committed by the insurgents in the country.

More than $810m has been committed by the country so far in humanitarian, development and security assistance to the Syrian crisis.

Armed clashes between ISIS fighters and government forces have led to displacement of more than three million Iraqis since January 2014. Approximately 8.2 million Iraqi civilians require immediate humanitarian support.

More than 230,000 people are believed to have died in the Syrian conflict, with the UN estimating that 12.2 million Syrian people, 5.6 million of whom are children, need humanitarian aid.

"Canada and our coalition partners are making a tangible difference in the fight against ISIS."

The figure includes 8.6 million people who are internally displaced, while the remaining four million people have sought refuge from the conflict in neighbouring countries.

Apart from destabilising security situations in Syria and Iraq, the spread of ISIS has affected neighbouring countries, including Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.

As part of the Global Coalition against ISIS, Canada has deployed up to six CF-188 aircraft, one CC-150T refueller, up to two CP-140 surveillance aircraft, and approximately 600 Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel in August 2014.

In addition, nearly 69 CAF members have been deployed to Iraq to advise and assist the Iraqi forces in their fight against ISIS.

Image: Canadian CF-188 Hornets departs for Iraq to support the global military intervention against ISIS. Photo: courtesy of the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces.