CAE USA has received a contract to provide comprehensive initial and recurrent training for the Army and US Air Force (USAF) fixed-wing pilots.

Under the contract, CAE will provide turnkey training services for more than 600 pilots per year at a new company-owned, company-operated training centre to be built at Dothan Regional Airport in Alabama, close to the Army’s Aviation Center of Excellence at Fort Rucker.

The contract is worth $29m for the base period, with six one year options which can be extended until 30 September 2023, with total value expected to be worth $200m for eight years.

CAE USA president and general manager Ray Duquette said: "We will be leveraging our latest training capabilities, such as upset recovery training and CAE Flightscape brief / debrief systems, to deliver scenario-based training specific to the Army’s fixed-wing requirements.

"We will be leveraging our latest training capabilities to deliver scenario-based training specific to the Army’s fixed-wing requirements."

"This will also enable us to grow our offering of providing a comprehensive, military-specific ab-initio training programme that other US Government agencies as well as international militaries will be able to use."

The Army Fixed-Wing training programme provides all the training required for experienced army rotary wing aviators transitioning to fly the service’s fleet of more than 350 fixed-wing aircraft.

Apart from this, the programme also serves as the formal training unit for army C-12 / RC-12 King Air recurrent training, while providing annual training to USAF C-12 King Air pilots.

In collaboration with the army, CAE will also be implementing a new initial-entry fixed-wing training programme to help entry-level army students’ transition to fixed-wing aircraft much sooner.

The company will immediately begin construction on a new training centre, that will feature state-of-the-art classrooms, a training system integrated learning environment, and other modern facilities.

CAE is currently building a suite of training devices, including two CAE 7000XR Series C-12 King Air full-flight simulators (FFSs), and two reconfigurable CAE Simfinity C-12 King Air integrated procedures trainers.

The company will also develop two other 7000XR Series FFSs, referred to as motherships, featuring its roll-on / roll-off (RORO) cockpit design.

Four RORO cockpits representing various configurations of the C-12 King Air aircraft will be developed for use by the army and air force.

CAE will acquire six new Grob G120TP aircraft to enable transition of army rotary-wing aviators and training of army initial-entry fixed-wing students, while manufacturing two Grob G120 TP flight training devices and a suite of desktop trainers and courseware to support the training programme.

Additionally, a fleet of ten Army-owned C-12U King Air aircraft will be operated by CAE instructors to deliver live flying C-12 King Air training.