Booz Allen Hamilton has received a contract to strengthen national security interests at home and abroad and protect the US Armed Forces against evolving and emerging threats.

Awarded by the US General Services Administration Federal Systems Integration and Management Center through one acquisition solution for integrated services vehicle, the $937m Global Threat Mitigation Program (GTMP) award requires the company to conduct regional strategic planning as well as threat and intelligence analyses and assessments.

Booz Allen will help develop and implement an enterprise-wide methodology and approach for training management and curriculum development.

In addition, the company will continue to provide counter-improvised explosive device (C-IED) training support at army home stations and with partner nations using live, virtual, constructive and gaming training methods.

The contract also requires Booz Allen to provide integrated air and missile programme support information operations support and surge support for all partners.

"This partnership between multiple clients will result in significant efficiencies, knowledge sharing and improved C-IED education,"

Booz Allen Hamilton executive vice-president and defence business head Joe Logue said: "This ‘partnership’ between multiple clients will result in significant efficiencies, knowledge sharing and improved C-IED education that includes establishing training locations, preparing or executing instructional experiences for partner nations, planning and executing educational aids and providing logistical support. "

Booz Allen Hamilton executive vice-president, army business head Brian McKeon said: "The need to modernise and be more agile in identifying emerging or changing threats, and rapidly mitigate them is more important than ever before.

"Booz Allen has consistently collaborated with FORSCOM, Combatant Commands, the Army National Guard, the Army Reserve, the Army Service Component Commands and our partner nations to combat threats, including those in cyberspace."

The contract work will support the Department of Defense with assessments that identify and analyse evolving and emerging threats and provide US Army Forces Command and its operational and strategic partners, including the Army National Guard, Army Pacific, Army Europe, Army Special Operations Command, US European Command and US Africa Command with training and expertise to combat these threats.