BAE Systems, Her Majesty’s Government Communications Centre (HMGCC) and Cyber Security Challenge UK have recently conducted a national competition involving a mock cyber forensics investigation.

The competition witnessed candidates playing the roles of government contractors investigating a mock high profile attack on a fictional secure payment app website.

A series of qualifying rounds were conducted online to test individual aptitude and performance.

BAE Systems cyber security consultant Chris Clinton said: “Training, real-life experience, education are just a few of the tools needed to develop and prepare future cyber security professionals and we are proud to be able to offer all of these through our partnership with Cyber Security Challenge UK.

“Working with HMGCC we have designed a scenario that pushed our contestants to the limits and tested all their abilities, helping them develop into the future cyber experts that the country needs.”

"We have designed a scenario that pushed our contestants to the limits and tested all their abilities."

A team comprising employees from BAE Systems, HMGCC and a range of top cyber-security organisations evaluated the candidates' performance against varied criteria.

Cyber Security Challenge UK CEO Stephanie Daman said: “The calibre of jobs on offer within cyber security is astounding, and with so many diverse roles available there is a chance for people to thrive and become hugely successful within the industry.

“Cyber threats continue to increase, and with a widening skills gap affecting businesses’ ability to hire staff, events like these provide the perfect opportunity for new talent to emerge and for businesses to see them in action.”

Following the event, ten candidates will be invited to fast-track technical interviews.

They will compete against 32 other finalists from previous competitions in the Cyber Security Challenge UK championship in November.

Image: BAE Systems and HMGCC hosted a joint Cyber Security Challenge UK event. Photo: courtesy of BAE Systems.