PIRANHA III / LAV III Armoured Wheeled Vehicles

The Piranha III has amphibious capability with two propellers and twin rudders in the rear (shown here equipped with 25mm DELCO turret).

  • Piranha III 8X8 vehicle with main cannon
  • Piranha II vehicle fitted with a Kuka 30mm gun turret
  • Piranha III vehicle fitted with a 12.7mm gun turret
  • Repair and Recovery variant of the Piranha III vehicle
  • Interior layout of the Piranha vehicles ideal for mortar transport
  • Piranha vehicle illustrating its wide weapon range
  • Schematic of the Personnel Carrier variant of the Piranha vehicle
  • Piranha III 6X6 vehicle with mounted rocket launcher
  • Piranha III 8X8 vehicle with surveillance turret
  • The Piranha III amphibious capable vehicle with twin rudders
  • Piranha III 8x8 with 120mm smoothbore mortar turret