ACV-S Tracked Armoured Combat Vehicle

Inside the ACV-S Eryx Squad Vehicle.

  • The stretched ACV-S which was developed by FNSS
  • Close up of a ACV-S fitted with a two-person Bradley infantry fighting vehicle turret
  • A ACV-S fitted with a sharpshooter turret and ATK 25mm M242 cannon
  • A ACV fitted with a bradley turret and Bushmaster 30mm cannon
  • The ACV personnel carrier armoured combat vehicle
  • An ACV-S prototype fitted with a SWARM turret
  • The ACV-S which is powered by a diesel engine capable of 400hp
  • The ACV-S with SWARM turret features a 12.7mm gun
  • Interior of an ACV squad vehicle
  • Exterior image of a MCV-S which is capable of 0km/h to 30km/h in 7.5 sec
  • The ACV-S Eryx Squad Vehicle.