A109M Light Multipurpose Helicopter

The A109M can carry out a variety of missions and operations in hot temperatures and high altitudes.

  • The South African Air Force intend to use A109 light helicopters
  • Military styled version of the A109 helicopter which is multipurpose
  • Use of the A109m helicopter by the US Coastgaurd to interdict high-speed smuggling vessels
  • The A109M helicopter can be armed with TOW anti-tank missiles, rockets and/or machine guns.
  • A109M helicopter being used in a military application
  • Law enforcement version of the A109 helicopter in service with the Carabinieri of Italy.
  • A109 light helicopter being used by police forces after take off
  • Civil EMS (emergency services) version of the A109 helicopter
  • A109 ambulance rescue  helicopter in operation in the mountains of Switzerland