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Weiss Mobile Air Conditioning Systems

Weiss Mobile Air Conditioning Systems
Weiss mobile air conditioning systems

Weiss air-conditioning systems and container air-conditioning systems are suitable for a wide variety of purposes:

  • Cabins with high-quality electronics containers for mobile clinics and rescue centres for medical service such as operating rooms
  • Intensive care, specialist physician rooms and sterilisation units
  • Mobile camps
  • Mobile field kitchen containers

In order to guarantee flawless functioning of the system, a heating and cooling system must be provided that directs the entire heat
load to the outside.

The following criteria play a part in this:

  • Transmission (ambient temperature)
  • Exhaust heat of installed equipment
  • External air cooling
  • Number of occupants
  • Lighting equipment

Therefore, special mobile air conditioning systems have been developed that assure optimal climatic conditions always and anywhere.

The systems and their individual parts are furnished with NATO stock numbers (NSN) and in many cases have a special technical

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