Software Applications

To complement our range of HF transceivers and manpacks, Codan provides a range of software applications for email and data communications, as well as GPS tracking.

Simple to use, flexible and smart, our high-frequency (HF) software applications are designed to enhance your HF communications solution and provide capability that ensures you can communicate in anywhere, anytime.

Sprint Software

Codan’s SprintChat and SprintNet applications utilise the benefits of the 3G ALE waveform to provide a fast, secure and highly flexible approach to HF data communications. Peer-to-peer email, file transfer and chat data formats are supported, as well as phone SMS and internet email via the SprintNet gateway. The flexibility and interoperability benefits of the Sprint solution provides a powerful extension to your HF network capabilities.


Codan Convoy is a multi-mode communications platform, which augments HF with satellite and cellular connectivity to support worldwide SMS messaging, location tracking and remote HF radio-configuration management. The multi-mode capability provides a virtual guarantee of communications from any location on earth.

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