The oscillating and rotating OscilloWitt sieve mill is used for the gentle milling and deagglomeration of heat-sensitive and difficult-to-process products, reaching finesse of down to 250µm.

The new concept OscilloWitt allows for size calibration with even more advantages because of the variable rotor motion between oscillatory and rotary mode.

Along with the uniform speed and application of force – the product is gently milled with a consistent particle-size distribution (low percentage of fines).


  • Broad scope of application, ranging through all types of dry, wet and heat-sensitive powders Extreme production flexibility, allowed by the unique variable motor function, offering both oscillatory  and rotary modes
  • Versatility offered through the wide range of equipment that can be interchanged quickly, and without tools, through the large pivot-mounted front door
  • Low operating costs due to low wear and easy maintenance
  • Quick and easy cleaning with Cleaning-in-Place (CIP), Washing-in-Place (WIP) and Sterilization-in-Place (SIP) programs, available on an optional basis
  • High level of operational safety ensured for containment requirements, up to OEB 5 (< 1 μg/m3) for interior Zone ATEX 0/20, and exterior Zone 1/21
  • Innovative concept with a 2° offset per oscillation, to ensure the calibration is consistently distributed over the surface of the screen, without any heat generation, adjustment of oscillating angle and rotor screen distance
  • Completely repeatable process, including scale-up and a proven GMP concept/materials AISI 316 / 316L
  • Easy installation – head and motor are built separately, which allows installation through the wall (clean room)
  • Possibility to have the bearings ventilated

Application examples

Application 1

  • The OscilloWitt with inerting system and flexible containment type ProFi-Flex
  • Oxygen control with the use of dual alpha/beta entry/exit valves

Application 2

  • Flexible solutions – The OscilloWitt-6 is mounted on a mobile lifting column: allowing different docking heights, and flexibility in production facilities for cleaning and handling

Application 3

  • Screening control and homogenization with the OscilloWitt-6 oscillating mill from IBC to IBC
  • Integration into an installation with direct loading and unloading into the containers

Application 4

  • The mobile OscilloWitt can be used as a standalone system or integrated into the manufacturing process, with our DelumpWitt crushing unit