Military Application Brochure Overview

ODU AMC is a rugged miniature connector solution for extreme environments. The connectors are designed with waterproof and hermetic sealing, robust mechanical and optical coding and EMC shielding. The connectors are resist to all kind of extremes like dust, temperature, humidity, corrosion, radiation, shock vibration and torque. ODU connectors ensure a fast information flow with robust and reliable high-tech products.

Versatile Configuration Options

  • Easy installation thanks to Push-Pull, Break-Away
  • Number of contacts 1 to 55
  • Inserts for high-speed data transmission
  • International protection class IP6K8K and IP6K9K
  • 360° shielding for trouble-free data transfer
  • robust and stable housing with non-reflecting surface
  • Versatile and individually configurable: Signal, power, high / low voltage transfer and coax possible within one connector.

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