ND-SV004 Portable See Through Wall Radar System - Army Technology
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ND-SV004 Portable See Through Wall Radar System

ND-SV004 Portable See Through Wall Radar System is a portable wall penetrating radar system developed by NovoQuad to search moving and static live targets behind walls, during disaster rescue, hostage rescue and personnel search by rescue organizations, police and fire departments.

This portable see through wall radar system is able to scan and detect multiple targets behind various non-metal walls, and display the target number with their respective locations and positions in real time.

Due to its strong penetration capability, small size, light weight, short startup time and high IP grade, this system is an ideal portable through wall imaging / wall penetration solution with high efficiency and excellent performance.

Main Features:

  • High penetration capability towards non-mental walls
  • Able to detect more than 5 targets simultaneously
  • Real-time detection and display
  • Small, light and portable to operate


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