In recent years, security incidents and terrorist attacks raised by illegal drones/ unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are happening with increasing frequency. To protect low-altitude areas and eliminate the threats from consumer-grade small rotor drones/UAVs, NovoQuad has designed and developed ND-BU001 Standard Anti-Drone System. Controlled and monitored via command center software, this anti-drone system integrates long-range detection, interference and track recording functions ALL IN ONE.

This anti-drone system is composed of Detecting Unit (Active Radar), Jamming Unit (Directional Jammer) and Camera Unit (Dual Camera). After an invading drone is detected by the Active Radar, the RCS (Radar-Cross-Section), height, speed, angle, pitch and distance information of the invading drone will be collected. Guided by such information, the Directional Jammer will interfere the communication and navigation signals of the invading drone to force it landing or returning. The Dual Camera will track the trajectory of detected drone and provide efficient assistance for more accurate detection.

Main Features of Detecting Unit:

  • 3D active phased-array radar
  • 3km detection range (based on drone type and environment)
  • Able to detect more than 200 targets simultaneously
  • Intelligent and automatic searching and tracking
  • Support operation in all weather for all day

Main Features of Jamming Unit:

  • Precise jamming without violence
  • Up to 6 customized jamming frequency bands
  • Cover communication signals of all available civil drones
  • Support auto/manual jamming mode switching
  • Automatically interfere once invading drone is detected